The MAESTRO family helps network administrators build next-generation fabric visibility networks. Monitoring is possible from multiple network traffic sources using Tap, Aggregation, Replication, Tag, Strip, Filter, Load-balancing, and Packet Slicing functions, and a monitoring environment can be built without a mirroring (SPAN) port.

MAESTRO-I8024 and I series product applies advanced silicon technology, support 1G/10G (SFP/SFP+) 24 ports, and 1G/10G (SFF) 8 ports. It provides an optimal monitoring environment in 1Gbps ~ 10Gbps networks. It supports 1.28Tbps Backplane performance even in extreme environments with the smallest unit packet size.

And MAESTRO-I series has bypass circuits for network failover. If a port of network pair is disconnected, the other side port will be also disconnected by LLCF feature. And if the device has power off unexpectedly, its bypass circuit will keep network continuity for traffics.